Friday, 7 December 2007

POD Pirates Update: Harv 3D

This is the Developement of the character 'Harv', who is at this point intended to be used in the pilot show 'Pod 003'.

The above images are 3D models of the Character i made in Maya. The image below is the previously posted concept image of Harv, only with proposed colour. I used Reds and yellows as i felt the Robot had a very Soviet feel to it. This palette isn't final, and his texture may change.

Monday, 3 December 2007

Power Through!

Work has been slow as of late, becuase i have just done two weeks worth of Running at Molinare in Soho, London. Now that they have let me go (due to financial reasons i must stress!), i can concentrate on getting stuff done, like the new Ria and Ryan episode animatic and coloured versions of the Pod Pirates!

Just Keep on Smiling!

Pod Interface Designs

These are some concept ideas for the computer interface on the escape pod from the pilot show of the same name.

This was the first piece i had done, an overtly complicated design although Punchdrunk did like the large eye in the middle.

This is the only piece i had done with the main character in it. The extendable arm was a piece of development from Desmond Walsh's idea.

This idea was developed through the previous ideas and looking at the space available within the 3D model of the Pod to use. Since the Pod will be fairly small and claustrophobic, the computer needed to be of a certain size.

Monday, 29 October 2007

Ria and Ryan Episode 3 News

I am currently participating in the highly anticipated next episode of Ria and Ryan!

Sarah, Dave and I are writing the Script, and storyboarding as we are going along so that we can get onto the 3D stuff as soon as possible! The above image was drawn By Sarah and coloured by me! As always, all Ria and Ryan images are copyrighted!

Robot Space Pirates Phase 2

I'm trying to think why i have no work posted for this past month... and then i remember I've been working quite hard and forgot to post! Its been mostly work for Punchdrunk, including the Music Video SIF and Concept for POD 003. Here are some pencil sketches of Robot Space pirates that i have designed for POD:

The ideas for the characters 'Legs' and 'Clam' were originally green lit, though now sadly they aren't going to be used. 'Harv', Who is going to be used, is the combination of 'Hal' and another Robot Design done by Mr Dave Bates, as requested by Punchdrunk. 'Mart' is going through a design change as well, but his head will remain the same!

I will post final colour versions of the final Robots when they are ready! These images are copyrighted.


Thursday, 20 September 2007

Robot Space Pirates V1 - 'Bones'

This is one of many Designs of a Robotic Space Pirate for a Pilot show of a black comedy called 'Pod'. I've christened him 'Bones'. I Designed a version without clothes so that i would be able to design clothing on top of the figure.

I liked this one so much i decided to colour it. I'm proud of the Skull and crossbones being used as part of the bodies frame, and the idea of a blown off eye representing an eyepatch.

Whether or not the design will be used remains to be seen.

Monday, 10 September 2007

Fleetwood Mac Character Designs

These are Character Designs and 2D Models to Most of the past and present members of the Band 'Fleetwood Mac', which were originally intended to be used in a TV Documentary about the group, put together by Alba International. Since the look and feel of the designs and animations did not fit the mood of the documentary, the animations aren't going to be used. As you can see, the models are ready to be animated, as they have moving joints and props. The parchment texture was also going to be how the clips would have looked. You can see the Test animation here and now you can see the designs of the full lineup here!

These images were designed By myself and the other members of wewantpudding. Full credits at the bottom of the blog post! These images are copyrighted.

Mick Fleetwood and John Mcvie's Bodies designed by Sarah Ricketts
Head Designs of Mick Fleetwood, John Mcvie, Danny Kiwan, Rick Vito, Dave Mason and Dave Walker By David Bates
Colour and rest of designs by Me!

Sunday, 12 August 2007

Punchdrunk Hunters

This is an unfinished render from the Punchdrunk project i am currently involved in. It shows the models of the Hunters i made using Maya (Thanks to Dave for the Pic! He did the Texturing and most of the other work!)

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Digital Compositing Showreel 2007

This is My Digital Compositing Showreel. Everyone's work is credited at the end.

You can view the thing a bit larger here The Quality isn't great, but you get the idea!

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Ria and Ryan Storyboards

Here are some storyboards i drew from Ria and Ryan's Really Big Pilot Show. These are from the Pirate Scene, which I feel has some of the best camera angles and Filmic language from the whole series so far!

Click on the Images to See larger versions. Remember, these are copyrighted images!

Monday, 23 July 2007

Composited Earth Zoom and Rotation

This is an unfinished clip from a film i am helping to make. Don't ask me about the characters or the method of how they were shot into space, this was not my idea i was just doing what i was told! The first 3D clip was not done by me, i just composited the earth zoom and rotation, made the clouds and cameras. There are supposed to be twinkling stars in the background, but due to the quality of the upload they have disappeared... When i make my final compositing showreel i will upload it to a server so the quality will be better!

From what i can gather about this clip of the film, the four characters have arrived on an island which is in fact a Bum, which then proceeds to eject them via flatulance through the Earth's atmosphere and into space. Story and Concept Courtesy of the independant Comedy Film Company 'Punchdrunk'.

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Ria and Ryan Award Winning Film!

Ria and Ryan, the brain child of the Awesome Sarah Ricketts, Won the Award for Best Promotion and was Nominated For Best film at the Raftas 2007 last Friday...

How Freaking cool is that??? I worked on an award winning film!! Read More here
Also, check out the other films from the Raftas, at the Raftas Website. Though i should warn you, the phone number under my name in my profile is not mine... i shall have words...

Anyway, Photos of the Award and the Happy Team to Come soon, check out the Ria and Ryan Blog for more updates on the little rascals and their adventures!

Well Done Team Ria and Ryan!

Saturday, 14 July 2007

Brick The Burgler

This is 'Brick' The Burglar. You may recognise the character from my showreels. He is one of my earlier characters, dating back to my first year of my Animation studies.

I thought that it was time to revamp him and make him look better, as opposed to the simplistic block colour version i had previously used. In the background you can see the original pencil sketch.

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Luntara Album Covers

This is the second draft of the album cover i designed for the Metal Band Luntara, and their as yet unreleased debut album 'The Arrival'. The Green Spider-Planet represents The Band, and their arrival to Earth signifies their Arrival into the Public Eye.

This was initially intended to be another album cover for Luntara, but it as yet has a use. It may become the back cover. It is slightly influenced by the film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Both Images are copyrighted to Luntara.

Some Random 3D Heads

This is a practice at modelling in Maya. It didn't take me too long to do, and i'm not entirely sure what it is supposed to be...

I prefer this model a lot more, as i like the structre of the face more then my previous attempt. Again, done in Maya.

Friday, 6 July 2007


The Above image is the Cyberchicken and its prey. This is one of my favourite pictures i have ever done. One day i went a bit nuts and drew nothing but chickens, and then went a bit further and drew this. On the right are sketches of actual chickens ...

Pencil, pen and photoshop.

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Concept Showreel '07

This is a revamped version of my previous showreel, with newer, darker more detailed artwork. i have been playing around with after effects more, and am espiecially pleased with the lens flare effects.

The actual lens flare was painted by Hazel

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Life Drawing

Thought i'd post some life drawing, to show i can actually draw! above is a 20 minute drawing.

Four 1 minute drawings, and two 20 minute drawings

One 30 Minute Drawing, and five smaller 30 Seconds drawings

Saturday, 16 June 2007

Concept Showreel '06 With Sound!

YES!! Finally got my concept showreel up with sound! The camera follows 5 characters around a large mansion, see if you can make a story to go with it!

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Set Designs

Both of these pictures are collages of props and sets designed by Louise Duncan. Both are coloured by me using Photoshop. These also acted as colour/mood boards for the scenes, and the palette in the Pirate ship picture was used in the final film.

This is a new addition

Joint Concepts

I pencilled and inked the pilot picture above, which was then coloured by Hazel Smith. The Pilot Idea was never to be used in the Pilot show, as other better themes were favoured.

The picture above is one of my favourites from the 'Ria and Ryan' project. It inocently shows the relationship between the brother sister, while at the same time remain adorable. Hazel Smith has made a colour version.

Hazel Drew the above picture, which i coloured in photoshop. The picture of the cowboy and indian was taken from a google search.

Ryan Dresses Up!

This is one of the first pieces of concept i had done for the Ria and Ryan Pilot Show. It is Ryan as a Pilot, influenced by the term 'Pilot Show'. I designed the costume, influenced by stereotypical Biggles pilots outfits.
In the cartoon, Ryan inadvertently dresses as a damsel in the scene based in medieval times. this is a drawing from a storyboard i drew, only i liked the pose and expression so much i decided to colour it in!

Ryan the Dinosaur!

This is a concept piece of the boy, Ryan, dressing up as dinosaur and pretending to destroy a city, a lá Godzilla! There is a backdrop of a city scape, similar to how the film will look. The coloured version was done entirely in Photoshop, not 3D software as some people have inquired.

Saturday, 12 May 2007

Ria and Ryan As Pirates

This is one the first pieces of concept i did for 'The Ria and Ryan Really Big Pilot Show'. It is my personal favourite, drawn in pencil, inked and coloured using photoshop 7.0