Friday, 7 December 2007

POD Pirates Update: Harv 3D

This is the Developement of the character 'Harv', who is at this point intended to be used in the pilot show 'Pod 003'.

The above images are 3D models of the Character i made in Maya. The image below is the previously posted concept image of Harv, only with proposed colour. I used Reds and yellows as i felt the Robot had a very Soviet feel to it. This palette isn't final, and his texture may change.

Monday, 3 December 2007

Power Through!

Work has been slow as of late, becuase i have just done two weeks worth of Running at Molinare in Soho, London. Now that they have let me go (due to financial reasons i must stress!), i can concentrate on getting stuff done, like the new Ria and Ryan episode animatic and coloured versions of the Pod Pirates!

Just Keep on Smiling!

Pod Interface Designs

These are some concept ideas for the computer interface on the escape pod from the pilot show of the same name.

This was the first piece i had done, an overtly complicated design although Punchdrunk did like the large eye in the middle.

This is the only piece i had done with the main character in it. The extendable arm was a piece of development from Desmond Walsh's idea.

This idea was developed through the previous ideas and looking at the space available within the 3D model of the Pod to use. Since the Pod will be fairly small and claustrophobic, the computer needed to be of a certain size.