Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Set Designs

Both of these pictures are collages of props and sets designed by Louise Duncan. Both are coloured by me using Photoshop. These also acted as colour/mood boards for the scenes, and the palette in the Pirate ship picture was used in the final film.

This is a new addition

Joint Concepts

I pencilled and inked the pilot picture above, which was then coloured by Hazel Smith. The Pilot Idea was never to be used in the Pilot show, as other better themes were favoured.

The picture above is one of my favourites from the 'Ria and Ryan' project. It inocently shows the relationship between the brother sister, while at the same time remain adorable. Hazel Smith has made a colour version.

Hazel Drew the above picture, which i coloured in photoshop. The picture of the cowboy and indian was taken from a google search.

Ryan Dresses Up!

This is one of the first pieces of concept i had done for the Ria and Ryan Pilot Show. It is Ryan as a Pilot, influenced by the term 'Pilot Show'. I designed the costume, influenced by stereotypical Biggles pilots outfits.
In the cartoon, Ryan inadvertently dresses as a damsel in the scene based in medieval times. this is a drawing from a storyboard i drew, only i liked the pose and expression so much i decided to colour it in!

Ryan the Dinosaur!

This is a concept piece of the boy, Ryan, dressing up as dinosaur and pretending to destroy a city, a lá Godzilla! There is a backdrop of a city scape, similar to how the film will look. The coloured version was done entirely in Photoshop, not 3D software as some people have inquired.

Saturday, 12 May 2007

Ria and Ryan As Pirates

This is one the first pieces of concept i did for 'The Ria and Ryan Really Big Pilot Show'. It is my personal favourite, drawn in pencil, inked and coloured using photoshop 7.0