Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Robot Pirate Captain Update #1

Below is the original Concept art i had done for the Pirate Captain, along with the model sheet:

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

POD 003 - It's Da Bomb!

This is a Bomb design which will be featured in the POD 003 pilot show. It will be used by robotic space pirates to detonate a space station. I designed, modeled and textured the Bomb, including the happy bomb sticker! :)

Ria and Ryan Textures!

These are some Textures from the upcoming Ria and Ryan episode! They are Texture's of Ryan's Pilot outfit and of the Fokker Tri Plane, as piloted by none other then the Red Baron himself! I made and UV Mapped the plane, and I adjusted David Bates' model of Ryan so that he wears a Pilots outfit.

Texturing a Bullet

These above images are the Texture maps for a character from a friend's film called 'Snap'. Despite its phallic appearance, it is actually a bullet with a female persona. Each of the character had one disembodied hand which was their only useful limb.

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Alienweirdo Avatar

Just a bit of fun, I made a new avatar for my Deviantart Blog! Its a characature of me, as a cartoon alien, wearing one of those blue tartan shirts that are awesome.

The Scarecrow's Silent Laughing

To tantalise my concept tastebuds I have done a piece of concept influenced by lyrics by Luntara's song, 'A Glorious Beginning'. The green moon is a symbol of the band's arrival, and is quickly becoming a recurring feature in my artwork... The Scarecrow is atop of a cliff with the waves violently smashing against the rocks. The Piece took a couple of days to do. Its my favourite Piece so far, and hopefully I'll get time to do some more!

Zombie Frog

This is my half of an Art trade i did with a uni classmate whom I chat to frequently on Deviantart.

Back in our first year of college, we worked together in a team of 5 on a storyboard project. The story we came up with involved an old house, some lost teenagers and giant zombie frogs. We came up with these ideas way before i had my obsession with Hellboy, so this isn't influenced by the plague of frogs =P